Red Worm Power
A 100 % Natural Product
Helping to rebuild
Our Soil 
Thousands of microbes at
a Time.

Red Worm Power is a composting company working with worms to rebuild Soils.

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At Red Worm Power, we are a composting company offering you an organic fertilizer made from 100% pure worm castings, to make your crops and gardens grow bigger and more bountiful.

Red Worm Power

This product is 100% pure worm cast, which is made into a liquid concentrate. The benefit of 100% worm castings complexes is that you have full-strength worm casting, fortified with enzymes and nutrients to get you the bud growth you desire.

This product features effective microorganisms that accelerate the bud set. There are no animal or weed-feed byproducts in this product, because we know that organic growers do not want these substances in their crops. There are many benefits to using Red Worm Power, including increased bud production  and pest control-increasing your soil health.

Helpful Microorganisms
Using microorganisms, Red Worm Power accelerates the bud set on your plants. The helpful microorganisms in this product are beneficial because they aid in decomposition mineralization, nitrogen cycling, storage, and release of nutrients and carbon cycling. This product also helps take the pollutants out of the soil before it reaches underground or surface water.

Worm poo makes beautiful gardens . In order to produce disease-suppressive characteristics in soil, the natural biology needs to be inoculated back into our gardening processes. High-heat compost creates heavy losses in natural biology. With worms, this compost is re-inoculated with beneficial biology-creating minerals and plant-ready nutrients.

Organic Farming Experience
At our composting company, we have used organic products for more than 13 years and we love the way it effects our plants' growth, which is why we decided to provide them to you for use on your own crops and gardens. With our products, you and your plants do not ingest harmful chemicals, and your soil stays healthy.



Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Serving You Internationally.



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